2nd EP

RELEASE ON 12.4.2020


Who would you call for help?


  1. Carry on
  2. I won’t pray anymore
  3. Being lost
  4. Unripe orange
  5. Birth


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Distribution:Bridge Inc.



RELEASE ON 12.4.2020 (Fri)

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Interview by @dirtool(JP)


Who would you call for help?

There is no splendid god here.

There are only gods that are kind or mean, or cry or laugh easily.

Sometimes, they want to be alone. When they don’t, they call for someone.

Some take away things that are important to someone else.

The one who had taken away will never forgive it and will never be able to make up for it.

They smile if you are in their hands.

They give you a cold stare once you’re dropped off from their hands.

Some suffer because they can't understand how someone else feels.

But some don't even care about it.

Some are smart and supportive but hated.

Some are harmful but appreciated.

Everyone's hearts will never be in contact with each other.

Still, it’s all inseparable to us.

There’s just one thing we all have in common.

Please allow a very special god to rescue us from this cursed fate.

The end of a very big and very small night where all animals, gods, and plants look up equally.